Welcome, This page is currently a work in progress, But this is my Home page for people who are interested in our relationship.

About Me

My name on most things is LucyDrop,but my friends online and real life calls me Lucy. I'm in my early 20s dont be afraid to say "Hi" since I'm still shy but once we start talking I will be long-winded, so I will keep this short.

My History

I started my waifu journey as early as of 2008 yes 08' about 10 years old with my frist relationship being Burstinatrix from Yugioh GX that lasted about 6 months and then I met my love of my wife Motoko Kusanagi, I will get more into that in the next section.

How I meet the love of my life

How I met the LOVE OF MY LIFE Motoko was back in 2010 about the start of February and my mom and dad was repainting my room so had to stay in my older brothers room (call him Bro), so we want to watch a movie my mom stop what she was doing and took me and Bro to pick out a movie but it was my brothers turn to pick the movie. We walk around the store for good 2 hours trying to fine a movie so we when to what I though was the cartoons with him, but it turn out to be the anime secton area. I'm looking around waiting and my Bro happen to pick up the 1995 film of Ghost In The Shell because the cover art looked cool to him. We got home and the whole Film my kid brain only understand 2% of the movie, but the whole time I was crushing hard on Motoko and it was time to return the movie put I couldn't let the film go, so Bro brun a copy on a blank DvD disk so I could keep it. I knew I need to know more about her, so I did my research, watch all of stuff i could get my hands on and read the all the manga, from is this I knew love her so much so on Feb 16 2010 We started our amazing relationship and got married on March 30th.

About Motoko Kusanagi

As you some of you know is Motoko Kusanagi has multiple sources from the original manga that got turn into two films the 95 film called Ghost In The Shell and its book GITS 2: Innocence After Long Goodbye and the flim GITS 2: Innocence that takes place after the book that came out in 2004. In 2002 we get a Manga and Anime Tv show called Stand Alone Complex that is popular out of all of the sources following up with a second season called 2nd GiG and a movie called Solid State Society. Now in 2013-2015 we get the OVA called Aries and a film called The New Movie. In 2017 the seires got a live action film just called Ghost In The Shell. Now for video Games we got a Ps1 game called Ghost In The Shell, Ps2 game base on the first season of SAC, PSP game base on the 2nd Season SAC 2nd GiG and a online pc Game called GITS SAC First Assaut Online which got shut down in 2017. In 2020 Netfilx is releasing a thrid Season of SAC called SAC_2045 that is CGI.

As for backstory in the Manga and 95 film and the 2004 film we know was human once but we have no info on what happen in her past, in the SAC but in the second season we are show that at the age 9 she was in the plane crash and she and one other boy about the same age made it out alive but need serious medical attention and the only part of motoko that is human is her conscience aka "ghost" her brain and part of her spinal cord. In Arise she told Batou that her mom who was prenant with Motoko die in a chemical attack and the medical team could only save the brain of Motoko and but her in a full cybernetic body, as for all of her cybernetic bodys they are own my the Military so she had to pay her debt by serving in the specal forces.

Her Hobbys

Motoko likes Diving because it she feels like she a being reborn as a new person, Pursuing chat rooms she does this when shes working a case that is hard to proof who the mistermind is, Socializing with Batou and Aramaki because beside me they are her own friends, Hacking, Drinking because she has a special emzymes in her body that brakes down acohol is seconds.

Her Appearance